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The balanced Greek diet is proven to be beneficial to the body, giving health, beauty and longevity. Delicious, enjoyable and with high nutritional value, Greek cuisine has a history of 4,000 years and is distinguished by its simplicity, the use of olive oil, purity of products, and its unique spices and herbs.

Many nutritionists across the globe consider Greek diet as the best food model and follow the basic rules as below:

– Abundant fiber (fruits , vegetables , bread , cereals , potatoes , legumes )

– Limited processed products

– Dairy products (mostly cheese and yogurt ) every day , but in low to moderate amounts

– Fish and poultry in low to moderate amounts

– Red meat in small quantities

– Olive oil as the main source of fat containing monounsaturated fatty acids.

-Moderate consumption of wine with meals

 It is no coincidence that the Greek diet model protects organisms from heart disease, arteriosclerosis and cancer


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